Info To Sai Devotees


  • Switch off your cell phone.

  • Confer your offerings in the hundi only.

  • Conduct yourself with due courtesy to all others visiting the temple.

  • Dress modestly.

  • Keep the temple premises clean

  • Respect the temple’s customs & rituals while in the complex.

  • Follow the procedures of the temple and wait for your turn for Baba’s Darshan.

  • Contact the Shree Sai Seva Mandal for information regarding the temple and your worship there.Refrain from distributing Prasad in the temple premises





  • Do not wear footwear in the premises of the temple.

  • Do not rush in for the Darshan, but move along in the queue.

  • Do not gossip, talk aloud or indulge in fun and frolic inside temple, temple lawns & Sabha Mandap.

  • Don’t spit inside the temple premises.

  • Don’t indulge in Smoking or consumption of alcohol, Paan, Gutka and similar tobacco products, it is strictly prohibited.