Every Devotee has to take darshan of Dwarkami Temple, This place where Sai Baba stayed till end of  his life , Dwarkami is situated to next Sai Baba Samadhi Mandir, Dwarkami is place where Sai Baba solve the problem of people.

In Dwarkami has a potrait of  Sai Baba and one Big Stone which baba use to sit, On other part in Dwarkami contains the chariot and palki just front of where chariot kept in small mandir. On Second level has sqaure stool made of stone , which Sai Baba use to take bath.

Many Devotee came to Dwarkami to take darshan of duni which still burning from 150 year and above , Duni has most significant part of Dwarkami. Sai Baba come to Dwarkami after begging food , clothes . Baba give to duni befor taking him self .